Having a battery back up system installed on your automatic gate system is not only convenient but now is required.  It is for safety so Fire Dept and residents can enter or escape in case of an emergency.  The technology has come a long way for conserving the batteries with lower power draw accessories which are also solar compatible.  Most gate openers now come standard with built in battery back up and the ones that don’t can be added on.

Viking Access is one of my favorites because every gate opener has a battery back up.  What makes this system unique compared to others is the gate will continue to function normally when power is lost.  What does this mean?  Well other manufacturers back up system will only open the gate and hold it open until power is restored, so your property is vulnerable and not secure.  Viking’s system will open and close the gate normally about 200 cycles on a full charge.  Of course the more accessories you have hooked to it and the weight of the gate make a difference on the number of cycles.  What is great is that the Viking Access battery back up system can also be programmed to open and stay open until power is restored.  This scenario is more common of an apartment complex, HOA and public places.

So if you already have a gate opener, call us to see if we can add on a battery back up system or if your thinking of getting a gate opener call us first as we are experts in this area.

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