At BR Services, we offer a variety of services to help our client’s age-in-place safely in their own homes. Here are a few of our services that we provide.

Home Safety Assessments 

This is a comprehensive examination of both the inside and outside of your home or property by a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS) and proud Advisor Member of Age Safe America.  

Once the onsite examination has been finished, a written report will be furnished with all the recommended modifications and/or additional suggestions.

All of the 240 points that will be covered in the report is there to help educate and inform our clients so they can make trusted informed decisions.


At BR Services, we offer consultation services because we understand how hard it can be to design a space that is both functional and attractive for everyday use. 

Check In Service

This is an optional service that has grown over time. It is where we provide an additional touch point or check in service to our client’s home.

These visits traditionally take around 30 minutes depending on what is being reviewed i.e. progress on projects, checking safety issues, help with light tasks, communicate with far away relatives, and help ensure they receive trusted information.

The check in service is ideal for any senior who lives alone and needs a local advocate. Also good for a far away relative that would like to keep a careful eye on their loved one.

My Why

When I was 10, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. He was a father figure to me and a very smart man. Grandpa was an electrical engineer that built satellites for Aerospace Corporation and a WWII Navy Veteran. It was always a mystery to me how someone so smart could essentially lose his mind at a relatively young age. I watched my grandmother struggle taking care of him as his physical state would diminish over time. I would go to their house after school every day until my parents would get off work. I would watch him for short periods of time while my grandma would run errands and get stuff done around the house. This was probably the first exposure I had with aging in place as we tried our hardest to “baby proof” the house for an adult. This was the early nineties and there wasn’t really any support then. I truly believe he had a longer life due to being able to stay at home and not in a facility.

I became a licensed contractor in 2009 and saw a need for a better service. I specialize in automatic gates, access controls and do small residential remodels/repairs. I saw a need at my grandmother’s house, especially since she lives alone, to install grab bars. I put them in the bathroom, shower and entry from garage to kitchen. I also installed hand railing for front door entry way and rear sliding door to the backyard. We replaced her lights with LED not just for energy efficiency but also for convenience. It makes it less frequent to change which means less time on a ladder or step stool. She tells me all the time how secure she feels being able to move around the house freely. I also have started doing odd jobs for my existing clients that need a little help, like replacing batteries in clocks or adjusting the time. I have found that most of my senior clients just don’t know who to call. So, while I am at their house performing work, I usually get, “While you’re here would you mind…”.

I love to troubleshoot. I am a problem solver and get satisfaction from helping people. My company motto is “Building Business with Honesty and Dependability”. I feel that if your honest and serve people well, you will never have to worry about making money. I am very excited about helping our large and growing senior population!

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BR Services is very knowledgeable and dependable. They always return phone calls, email and show up when their supposed to.”


Catherine L.