comcast viking L3Who needs a preventative maintenance program?  To ensure reliable operation, maximum system life and cost effectiveness, we recommend that all of our clients take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Program.  This program ensures that preventative maintenance actions will be performed on a regular basis to help avoid preventable failures and safeguard your warranty.  In the rare event of a system or component failure, we will be available to repair your system rapidly with priority over other service calls.

My gate works fine, why should I have regular maintenance?  Your automatic gate system should be treated like your car.  If you never perform a tune up, change the oil or check your tires, you could end up with very costly repairs and potential safety hazards.  We take your safety and security very seriously!

How often do I need maintenance?  For residential single family homes we recommend semi-annual.  For commercial, self storage and multi family we recommend quarterly.  In special circumstances like high security facilities we recommend monthly.

Whats included?  Grease/lube gate hinges, clean inside operator, clean tracks, inspect/lube guide rollers, adjust chains/belts, lube chain on slide gates, check power sources, test main batteries, clean/test solar panels, inspect wire connections, test connected access controls, safety devices and replace 9 volt/AA batteries as needed.

How much does this cost?  Pricing can vary depending on the type of gate and how many. We do give discounts for multiple gates at same location. Most of the time the cost is less than a regular service call.